Derek Newsome 5th Degree Blackbelt

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 Derek Newsome 5th Degree Black Belt.



Mr Derek Newsome is the head instructor at NKKA . Born and raised in Dublin Mr Newsome re-located to Celbridge Co, Kildare in 1997. This is when Mr Newsome begain his Kenpo journey after attending Mr Downeys club in the Celbridge Co,Kildare with his son Karl .

Currently ranked a 5th Degree blackbelt Mr Newsome has been training in the art of Kenpo Karate for over 20 year's under the guidance of Master Edward Downey 8th degree blackbelt president of the European Kenpo Karate Association. Receiving his Blackbelt 2004, 2nd degree in 2006,3rd degree in 2010, 4th degree in 2014 and 5th degree in 2019 Mr Newsome is an integeral part of Mr Downeys teaching staff helping many students on their journey to achive things they never thought possible .

Troughout his years of training Mr Newsome had been actively involved in the Ekka youth devolepment programme helping many young cadets achieve  goals they never thought possible. In 2014 Mr Newsome was invited to attend the International championships in california as coach and mentor to the EKKA squad which consisted of both adult and cadet student .Due to the fantastic results achived by the students Mr Newsome has been a part of the coaching staff for the EKKA squad  in Dublin 2015 and Portugal in 2017 . 


Keith Page 3rd Degree BlackBelt

 Keith Page 3rd Degree Blackbelt

Keith Page was born in 1980 and raised in Dubiln Ireland where he still lives today with his wife Caroline and four daughters Chloe,Shauna,Alexandra and Lara all of whom are involved in Kenpo .Currently Chloe holds the rank of brown belt ,Shauna cadet blackbelt ,Alexandra cadet brown and Lara cadet yellow.  

Mr page has trained in the art of Kenpo Karate under Master Edward Downey 8th Degree Master of the arts and president of the European Kenpo Karate assocation since 2001.Mr Page begain his Kenpo journey after hearing his brother-in-law Derek Newsome talk of the art and Mr Downey's skill level as an instructor. After his first lesson Mr Page decided this was the art for him as it was practiacl to todays self defence needs.

Currently ranked 3rd Degree Blackbelt Mr Page has been part of the EKKA coaching team since 2012 traveling with the team to the IKC's in Holland 2012,Boston 2013,California 2014, Dublin 2015 and Portugal 2017 which seen the team achieve great success.Mr page has spent many hours troughout his journey helping students young and old to achieve their goals. Mr Page has seen great achievements from the cadets he has coached throughout his journey, he has also had the pleasure of been a coach and mentor to all his daughters on their kenpo journey thus far. This is something that gives Mr Page a great sence of pride as he is aware how fortunate he is to be involved.

In 2015 Mr Page attended UCD sports and fitness to train as a Personal Trainer,Pilates Instructor,Kettlebell Spin and Trx instructor.



Shauna page Cadet Blackbelt



Shauna Page IKC Portugal 2017 1st place Forms 1st place Fighting 

Shauna Page has trained in the art of kenpo karate for 9 years. Having started her journey with Master Edward Downey in Celbridge Co Kildare in 2009 shauna has had a journey many could only wish for. Shauna has seen many achievements during this time both on and off  the mats. She has competed at all level's where she has won or learned everytime . Shauna trains at both Newbridge kenpo Karate Academy under her instructors Mr Derek Newsome 4th degre Blackbelt and Mr Keith Page 3rd degree Blackbelt and in Celbridge Kenpo Karate Academy under the guidance of Master Edward Downey 8th degree Blackbelt. Shauna is always keen to learn and has taken classes with some of the mort respected Martial artists in the world. 2018 has been a full year thus far for shauna after completing transition year in school shauna headed off once again to California USA  to volunteer as a camp helper at the annual Royal Family Kids camp. A Camp that provides a holiday every year to under privileged children.  

Since NKKA opened it doors in Newbridge Industrial estate in 2012 Shauna has taken on a role as a junior instructor a role Ms Shauna takes very serious.Shauna is a role model to our cadets here at NKKA and get as much from winning at competitions as she does from seeing a cadet tying their belt for the first time themselves.

Shauna teaches classes in both Newbridge Kenpo Karate Academy and Celbridge Kenpo Karate Academy. Shauna also provides private lessons to cadets covering Baisics,Techniques, Sparring and Forms.  

Here are just a few of the events shauna has attended as Competitor since her journey begain. 

2012      IKC    {International kenpo championships}       Utrecht        Holland 

2013      IKC                                                                     Boston        USA

2014      IKC      Longbeach Internationals                      California     USA

2015      IKC                                                                     Dublin          Ireland

2016                  Bob&Barbara White Invitational             California     USA

2017       IKC                                                                    Lisbon         Portugal

2018                 Bob&Barbara White Invitational              California     USA



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