N.K.K.A martials & fitness academy based in Newbridge CO Kildare specialise in martial arts and self-defence training for people of all ages. At our purpose-built facility in Newbridge we provide a wide range of classes to cater to the needs of both adults and children alike. We also provide on-site self-defence courses in schools throughout Dublin,Wicklow and Kildare. Most recently St Kevin’s community collage Dun Lavin and Confee college Leixlip .

 At N.K.KA we believe that education is the key to safety with this in mind our instructors under the guidance of Master Edward Downey 8th degree black belt Kenpo Karate and president of the European Kenpo Karate association  have developed a self-defence course to cater to the need of today’s teenagers.

Our Self-Defence program is designed with today’s people in mind. People today are always on the go, in a busy world full of dangerous situations. They need to know how to spot these dangers before they are harmed. They need to be able to protect themselves or keep themselves safe.

N.K.K.A cater to the needs of all our clients weather it a 2 hour work shop or a 10 week self-defence course our full time instructors can conduct our courses on-site at your facility and/or at our purpose built training facility in Newbridge CO Kildare.

For further information on services provided by N.K.K.A please contact :

                  Mr Derek Newsome  0876201674

               :  Mr Keith page            0868792906

What is Self Defence?


What is Self-Defence?

The use of applied verbal, psychological, and physical techniques to defend ourselves in unwanted and offensive situations where we are the target. This includes undesirable comments, boundary crossing, physical abuse, and rape. Self-defence skills include an intrinsic belief in our own personal value and in our right to set and adhere to our own set of boundaries.

Use of reasonable force (as compared with the attacker's force) in protection of one's person, family, property, or anyone else against attempted or threatened attack. Legal doctrine of self-defence justifies a preemptive action taken in the reasonable belief of immediate danger.


 Every person resident in the State is entitled to live in peace and to go about their business and other affairs in safety from threat and attack. Modern times have called for the introduction of legislation to outlaw the variety of assaults occurring daily in society. 

The Irish law on assault and self-defence is covered in the Non-Fatal Offences against the Person Act 1997. The offences that may be committed against a person vary in degree from a threat to do injury to the actual infliction of violence resulting in bodily injury. This legislation outlines what actually constitutes an assault and the levels of severity. It also outlines the position where an assault may be justified by self-defence.


More than a third of all women worldwide 36.5% will experience

Physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. Usually from a male partner.

                                                                          (W.H.O) World health organisation

1 in 12 Female students are victims of rape or attempted rape.

According to the union of student in Ireland.


Statistics show in 2016 alone, There was a staggering 2,549 sexual offences recorded in Ireland. With an incredible 16,360 recorded incidents of attempted/threats of murder/assault and related offences.

                                                                                     Central statistics office Ireland

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